Bakery Story 2 Review Versatile diversion organization Storm8 has declared the arrival of Bakery Story 2 on iOS and Android gadgets. The diversion is the continuation of the first Bakery Story from 2010, which has been downloaded more than 75 million times. Bread kitchen Story 2 permits players to assemble their own particular pastry shop and make treats to offer to clients. 

In Bakery Story 2, players make formulas by gathering the best possible fixings, including things like flour, sugar, eggs and strawberries, among others. These things can be obtained at the amusement's shops, similar to the general store and natural product stand, with new fixings, and stores, getting to be accessible as players advancement. As players buy fixings, stores might 'offer out,' and clients must sit tight for these things to be restocked. When dishes are readied (they require significant investment to finish), they can be served in plain view counters, and require significant investment to offer to clients. 

While players start with fundamental broilers, as they buy new apparatuses, similar to an extravagant broiler or stove, as illustrations, they'll open new arrangements of formulas to make. 

Bread kitchen Story 2 Screenshots 

Gamers can hold a predetermined number of individual fixings in their storeroom, however can overhaul this wash room to hold more things by spending key collectibles like 'cards to say thanks' (earned from cheerful clients) and parts earned from dispatching to-go orders. This to-go orders highlight opens once players achieve Level 7. 

Clients can spend their coins to open new formulas, or to extend their pastry kitchen to hold more tables, seats, broilers, apparatuses, show counters and improvements. Players can likewise alter their bread shop's appearance with new ground surface and wallpaper, with a hefty portion of the diversion's things, over all classes, bolted to particular levels. 

While allowed to-play, Bakery Story 2 permits players to spend premium cash to accelerate the clocks for cooking and offering formulas or growing their pastry kitchen, as samples. Clients can likewise spend premium money on missing elements for formulas, or the parts they have to redesign things like their wash room size or the stores around town. Updating stores expands the amount of every fixing they'll have available after each restock. 

Pastry kitchen Story 2 Screenshots 

For social components, players can join with Facebook and approach their Facebook companions for 'Speedy Serve' things, which can be utilized to rapidly serve things from counters. In a future upgrade, the amusement will permit players to visit their Facebook companions' pastry shops.

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